An aide to Peters said Friday that local union

Gary Peters, both Michigan Democrats, visited a similar facility in Michigan last month. An aide to Peters said Friday that local union leaders had told the two members of Congress that the plant had been intentionally cleared of delayed mail because of their impending arrival.Wasserman Schultz did not want the Postal Service to have the same opportunity with the plants in Florida. Tour of the facility, the entrance to the parking lot was blocked by caution tape and a Postal Service police car.

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President has been as free in his admiration of dictators and absolute power as the 45th, historians say.”Trump has dictator envy,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian at Rice University. “You start being more attracted to people like Kim and Putin because they look like they could be presidents for life. And if they have enemies, they don’t have to resort to [former president Richard M.] Nixon keeping an enemies list.

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