Some cautioned Cravens not to come back prematurely

To do that, the consistency of the running game has to take place. We have a good stable of running backs and that will be the focus. There’s been flashes of positive runs in games. While the retirement announcement came as a surprise to the defensive backs group, Cravens had discussed retirement with members of the coaching staff for the past month, sources say. Cravens waffled, but as recently as last week had told multiple people that he was excitedly looking forward to opening the regular season in the starting lineup. Some cautioned Cravens not to come back prematurely, but he insisted that he would be healthy and ready to play Week 1..

Just a few minutes into Maryland’s matchup with Marquette, the Terrapins already had made an emphatic declaration: This would not be a game they started poorly. Some of those early, groan worthy miscues wouldn’t surface, at least not on this day. The Maryland defense was flustering Markus Howard, the Eagles’ high scoring sensation, and that intensity persisted throughout the game..

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“Sam and his family, they weren’t sure he wanted to do all the games,” Sapienza said. So they talked. Eventually, after more meetings, they settled on the arrangement that began in the preseason, when Huff stayed home from trips to Buffalo and Chicago, and will continue with the first two weeks of the regular season, trips to New Orleans and St.

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