It usually costs about thirty bucks

It’s difficult to describe my feelings about modern history. Two of the greatest heroes of my lifetime were Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela both men (and their huge followings) were in a pitched battle with Caucasians like myself, except for the fact that those many Caucasians believed in racism. I’m happy to be on the losing side.

Perhaps the goofiest souvenir, in my opinion, is a real live coconut. You can actually ship a real coconut back home to the continental United Sates. It usually costs about thirty bucks. Greg Hughes and Phil Lyman know this patriots they are. It all started way back when with fluoride and marijuana hideous chemicals snuck into our water supply (and brownies) by Marxist Leninists in places like San Francisco and the Avenues. Then green bellied scoundrels set in motion a scheme to rob white men of their liberty.

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