The surgeon leaves only a very small part of the

Gastric Bypass: Your doctor may call this “Roux en Y” gastric bypass, or RYGB. The surgeon leaves only a very small part of the stomach (called the pouch). That pouch can’t hold a lot of food, so you eat less. We created this self promotion project to draw an attention to 306 Agency FB page, increase page traffic, to attract potential customers of the Agency. Lead message is: “We make a creative solution that works for your results”. The task was to develop an unusual creative communication to achieve goals; necessary condition is a practical solution.

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It is also important to have realistic expectations about what the procedure can accomplish for you. If you are overweight, you may ask the surgeon you lose some kilos, and in general you should have firm, elastic skin to adhere easily to the new shape of your outline. In consultation with our surgeons, You can adequately determine if you are a good candidate for this corrective surgery..

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For IVF donors, there is not usually a concern except for themselves. Yet for IVF clinics and the expecting recipient mothers of these eggs there is a new evolution taking shape that is putting more emphasis on genetic selection. In the end this process may mean that clinics have to be even choosier on the candidates selected for donation.

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