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Even if this rise is due more to the league’s increased sensitivity to the problem than to a sudden increase in head injury incidence, the numbers are sobering.And they alert us all to a different, inconvenient truth modern American football, the way that it is designed and played, is a brutal sport.In some ways, the recent unmasking of the devastating effects that chronic brain trauma can cause, has presented the NFL with an existential dilemma can football be safer and still be football? And what is the NFL to do?It rightfully falls to the NFL and the NFL Players Association to take the lead in applying current research findings into policy and practice.There is a new diagnostic tool called the SCAT2, that was developed by experts at the 2008 International Conference on Concussion in Sport, which could help standardize concussion assessments by comparing an athlete’s pre season baseline scores to game day post injury scores.And research into sports related concussions has suggested that the number three may be an important warning hazard for predicting worrisome long term effects. A study out of the University of British Columbia compared athletes with no prior concussions to those with one or two, and found no difference between groups in performance on several neuropsychological tests.A subsequent study from University of Montreal compared short term memory tasks in athletes with either no prior concussions, 1 2 concussions, or greater than three concussions. They found significantly more EEG brain abnormalities in the 3+ concussion group compared to both of the other groups.The league could mandate that a player with two concussions in a season have to sit out the remainder of the year.

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