A few weeks ago, as I was hand expressing, I felt a

Amie, I’ve shared before that I’m currently breastfeeding. A few weeks ago, as I was hand expressing, I felt a pebble like, small bump. I thought perhaps it was related to breastfeeding. So I’d go there, shoot, work out. And then I came back here. I just got my dog today, so I’ll probably be playing with her for the rest of the time..

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wholesale nfl jerseys from china Since May 11 is the all time latest “official” spring killing frost date for Harrisburg, that means it’s a good bet to plant the summer annual flowers and the warm weather veggies this weekend.After a brush with frost tonight, the Accuweather forecast calls for above freezing nights next week, bottoming out at 50 degrees starting next Saturday.Many garden centers have obtained waivers to be open at least limited hours, and some of those are offering curbside pickups and deliveries for those who would rather not venture inside. That’s in addition to other businesses that seasonally sell annual flowers and summer vegetable plants, including box stores, farm markets, greenhouses, and grocery stores.As veteran gardeners know, though, there’s a big difference between what should happen with the weather and what actually happens.It’s not out of the question that we could still get a frost, especially in rural areas and in northern Dauphin County and beyond, which have had frosts as late as Memorial Day. If you live there or aren’t the slightest bit of a gambler, give it another couple of weeks.See George’s video on a little known product that helps get tender plants through cold nightsFlowers that usually can be “safely” planted now include annual flowers, such as petunias, marigolds, zinnias, begonias and vinca, plus tender summer bulbs, such as dahlias, cannas, callas, caladiums, and gladioli.Plantable vegetables include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash, eggplant, beans, sweet potatoes, and melons.Consider giving your newly bought annuals and vegetables a few days of gradually increasing sunlight before planting wholesale nfl jerseys from china.

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