19 Florida State on Monday night

While the NFL has publicly opposed legalized sports gambling, its broadcast partners seem to know there’s a hunger for information and analysis that might satisfy both fans and bettors. Gambling specific media companies, like the Action Network and Vegas Stats Information Network (VSiN), have bulked up their offerings, and traditional outlets like ESPN have been actively discussing how gambling could reshape their products. Fox Sports already announcedan hour long weekday show dedicated to sports betting, “Lock it In,” that will debut next month..

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Although the season has been filled with officiating miscues and uncertainty, no immediate action is expected to be taken at the owners’ meeting. Expanding the scope of instant replay to reverse judgment calls, such as those that went against Flowers, does not appear to be the immediate answer. Coaches regularly have complained about inconsistency in the interference related replay rulings being made this season by Al Riveron, the NFL’s senior vice president of officiating..

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TALLAHASSEE Following a turbulent offseason in which its defense was severely depleted, No. 20 Virginia Tech unveiled its remade product when the Hokies visited No. 19 Florida State on Monday night. The situation places fantasy football enthusiasts in a bit of a bind. The Post’s Neil Greenberg’s fantasy projection has Gordon ranked 45th overall, and if he sits out two weeks, that would drop his projected points by 23. That’s why it makes more sense for fantasy players to take Ekeler, who, in his first two seasons, has appeared in 30 games, rushing for 814 yards on 153 carries and scoring five touchdowns.

wholesale jerseys “Obviously now that he’s going into his fifth year with us and understanding our system, understanding our offense, things process even faster for him,” Pederson said of Wentz. “You see him being able to translate that information and have conversations with these players. Carson is mentally in a really good state right now.” wholesale jerseys.

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