It not about did you succeed

IPL would be very interesting to see how the players are thinking. You are playing in different circumstances and you have a lot of protocol from ICC and at the same time you are going to go through (COVID 19) tests every two three weeks, Raina said in a webinar after being named as the global brand ambassador for WTF Sports app.According to BCCI Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), the Indian players and support staff will have to return negative for COVID 19 at least five times before they start training in the UAE and subsequently will be tested every fifth day during the IPL. I would say coming out from all those tests you need to be clear with your head on what you are going to do on the field because at the end of the day when you are playing a sport, you need to enjoy the game, Raina said.The left handed batsman went on to add that for players taking part in the IPL, maintaining fitness would be a key concern amid the pandemic.

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The New York City saw the largest high definition digital display of Lord Ram on Broadway said news agency ANI after it posted a video of the bright display. The digital display of Lord Ram is one of the most expensive digital billboards of the Hindu deity at Times Square, added ANI. It is a proud moment for India and Indians.”.

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