Services rendered to you, the patient, are your responsibility.

Payment may be made by cash, check,Visa/Master Card/Discover. A charge of $30 will be made for all non-sufficient fund checks. Payment plan arrangements must be made before services are rendered. We will be happy to provide to you in advance an estimate of all proposed fees for services.
Your dental insurance coverage is a contract between you and your insurance company. Dental services provided will be submitted to your insurance carrier as long as you provide us with the proper information. If you have new insurance information, it is your responsibility to present this information to the office managers prior to receiving dental treatment.
We encourage you to read your insurance policy, familiarizing yourself with your coverage and patient responsibilities.
Since we’re not part of the agreement with your insurance carrier, it is not our policy or responsibility to contact your provider to establish why they have not paid on your claim. Additional filings for your insurance are subject to a $5.00 fee per filing after the initial filing.

Regarding all insurance plans, you are responsible for patient percentage and/or deductible at the time of service. Regardless of insurance status, any date of service over 90 days will be switched to patient responsibility and will show up on your monthly statement as patient due. This will prompt you that your insurance has not proceeded this claim and you will need to contact them to see if a problem exists. While we do understand that sometimes insurance carriers are slow to make changes, process claims or send checks, you may need to set up a payment plan to keep your account to date.

Divorce Decree

In divorce cases, Dr. Heater’s staff attempts to work with both parties, trying to forward the bill to the correct parent/party.  However, the parent bringing the child in for the treatment is ultimately responsible for payment.  We are not a go-between, nor do we need to see your divorce settlement.  For the benefit of your child/children, it is best if both parents can develop an agreeable way to provide payment for dental services rendered.

Broken Appointments

A 24 hour notice is required if your are unable to keep your appointment. You will be charged for broken appointments.