And I think at the end of the day

Indeed, much of the second half seemed built to help Brees enhance his legend rather than designed to allow the Vikings to turn around theirs. He started with an 80 yard drive that finished with a touchdown pass to Michael Thomas in the third quarter. After Keenum made his only mistake of the day an ill advised prayer that was easily picked off by Saints safety Marcus Williams (whom we will return to) Brees again found Thomas early in the fourth quarter..

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It not going to be close. Miami is banged up 15 players listed with one ailment or another on the practice report and will be especially missing its best cornerback in Xavien Howard. The way they beat the Patriots a year ago was with an aggressive, smashmouth attack, especially with their defensive backs.

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Like his cousin Vince Carter, he admitted to giving less than 100% effort before his trade to Houston. Injuries plagued McGrady as a Rocket, and at one point he announced on his web site he would have surgery on his knee and miss the remainder of the 2009 season. Coach Rick Adelman found out about it by reading the newspapers.

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