At the end of the day, while it is popular to cry

In a 2014 rampage in Santa Barbara, Calif., a 22 year old college dropout named Elliot Rodger used guns, a knife and his car to kill six and injure 13 before shooting himself, blaming the attack on his inability to get a girlfriend and his disgust at interracial couples. A year later, a 26 year old student shot his English professor and eight classmates at an Oregon community college, having lamented in a virulently racist manifesto that he was a virgin with no girlfriend. In 2018, a driver plowed a rented van down a Toronto sidewalk, killing 10, after allegedly posting on Facebook that the “incel Rebellion has already begun!”.

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wholesale jerseys If the Wizards can win two of the last three games of this series, they’ll become just the sixth No. 8 seed in NBA history to beat a No. 1 seed and advance to the second round. This is a far cry from the $7 million that the Ravens pay Domonique Foxworth per year, or even the deals that other “nickel” cornerbacks received this year like the Joselio Hanson of the Eagles ($3 million per year and he is has no chance of starting).Later rounds selections offer even better deals for teams as evidenced by the packages received by players in last year’s draft like Eddie Royal of the Broncos, (2nd round at $800,000 per year for four years) or 3rd rounder Dan Connor who will start at linebacker for the Panthers making $623,000 per year for four years. Eagles safety Quinton Demps, got $540,000 per year in the 4th round while the Arizona Cardinals 5th round draft pick Tim Hightower is running for $428,000 per year.At the end of the day, while it is popular to cry foul at the large deals that the top rookies receive, the overall numbers indicate that the system is broken in the favor of the teams. The system does need to be fixed but not for management but for the other players in the draft selected after the top five players.Nicely written but, howver, I respectfully disagree! Your examples represent the exception and not the rule. wholesale jerseys

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