But if you’ve gained more than 20 pounds since

LeBron was an absolute freight train of devastation with his athletic prowess, littering the court with the decaying corpses of the Knicks, Celtics, and Thunder, telling any and all who doubted him, mocked him, and otherwise said ridiculous things about him to go and fornicate with farm animals. With a primal intensity usually reserved for professional assassins, Le came through with what was possibly the single greatest one man performance ever witnessed in NBA Playoff history. He has carried those powers into the 2013 season, where he just won a fourth MVP award, which is something Michael Jordan never did.

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Since fatty tissue doesn’t need the same amount of energy to maintain itself, you gain weight. But if you’ve gained more than 20 pounds since college, Blackburn says, something about your food selection and exercise program is out of balance. “You need to run, not walk,” he says, “to see a health care provider who’s experienced in finding healthy lifestyles.”.

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