In addition to two new cases in Ward County

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wholesale nba basketball Trinity Vice President Randy Schwan answers questions at a COVID 19 news briefing in Minot City Hall Tuesday.Health officials are seeing good signs in only two new cases of COVID 19 in Ward County in the past week and none in a recent mass testing of 434 individuals.Ward County joint information committee held a final, routinely scheduled news briefing Tuesday to provide updates, including announcements of re opening of county facilities June 11 and city facilities June 15. First District Health Unit plans to release a guidance this week for teams, parents and spectators regarding youth sports.Since the pandemic began in March, First District has conducted 6,485 tests in its seven county region, including 713 this past week. In addition to two new cases in Ward County, there were two new cases in Renville County this past week. wholesale nba basketball

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