In predicting the return of our pastimes

Fast forward into the aberrant timeline we’ve managed to trip into (anyone read the Berenstein Bears lately?), where the moral calculus of our leaders is even more dubious and the End is Nigher than ever, thanks to the cowboy quartet cantering on the edge of town war, disease, death and famine. Which is to say, I expected the world to end more like a sci fi flick than the biblical ballyhoo we’re currently experiencing. A plague? How medieval.

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cheap jerseys All the defensive restrictions on both hitting the QB and interfering with the pass catchers are getting so strict that it makes cheap jerseys you think about which fans is the NFL really targeting with these rules? The current teenagers and 20 somethings that tend to prefer an all offense, all passing game or the older generation that generally likes a balanced game with both offense and defense, running and passing. The way I see it, that type of balance in the game combined with the salary cap made the league what it is in popularity today. We will see what happens to that popularity in the future after the full effects of the rules changes and the coming uncapped seasons have cheap jerseys.

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