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Often you can’t identify leaders until they’re under fire. Last season, the Nats praised Martinez because he never changed from 19 31 to Game 6 of the World Series when he was wrestling umpires. He spoke straight to their faces but also had their backs.

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The long shadow of Stephen King hangs heavy over this cheerfully nasty little horror that is derivative, no question, but also amiably unpretentious. Teenager Ben (John Paul Howard) is busy falling in and out of cheap jerseys love when he becomes concerned about the creepy household next door, whose matriarch (Zarah Mahler) appears to be acting strangely. That might be because she’s possessed by the spirit of an ancient witch who makes flowers droop, but has the opposite effect on men and enjoys nothing more than feasting on small children.

Charging back and forth across the Atlantic, dodging U Boat attacks, rescuing other sinking ships, and even having near collisions with other friendlies, the Titanic would have been hailed for her critical roll in the war effort. Like her sister Olympic, the Titanic would have transported nearly a quarter million troops, burned about as many tons of coal and traveled as many miles. She may even have earned a nick name.

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