The 4 year old was wearing only his soaked red shirt

In his statement the night of the shooting, Cason said that his group met up with the football players after the club closed and talked out their dispute, describing the resolution as “all smiles.” But as Cason, Smith and Glass drove away in a Ford Crown Victoria, two men approached their vehicle and one of those men opened fire. Smith was struck in the back of the head, while Glass was shot in his right arm. Both men survived..

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It has become obvious that the bad soap opera that has become the post Cooke area redskins seems to have no end. But I continue to go to the games, will be there for a meaningless game against New York, and may buy my first self owned season tickets in the upper 400 hundred level one misstep away from god. From where I am figuratively sitting, the redskins problems remain constant..

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“We’ll play every game to win whatever that takes. We can’t worry about December in September,” Arians said. “The load we’ve got a lot of guys, so we can manage that as far as every game. I got off the phone and cried a few tears. How are we here? Why are we here? I went to yell for the family to come in, and when I opened the front door, the 8 year old was on the porch, naked, ready to hit the bathtub. The 4 year old was wearing only his soaked red shirt.

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