Shaquille O’Neal still can’t guard the pick and roll

Ilgauskas shouldn’t park himself on the perimeter quite so much, but that might have been by design to allow O’Neal and James room to operate. Shaquille O’Neal still can’t guard the pick and roll, and it will be fascinating to learn how this deficiency affects his playing time. Hickson and Darnell Jackson can do, but I’m afraid we’ll need a bigger rout for them to get a chance to get into a game (I know, Hickson got in for awhile but he didn’t get to do much.).

Jackson showed Sunday that he clearly can give a defense trouble particularly a unit with as many issues as Cincinnati’s. The Bengals entered the game ranked last in the league in total defense and 31st in scoring defense, and Coach Marvin Lewis just had fired defensive coordinator Teryl Austin and taken over control of the unit. Lewis also employed the help of Hue Jackson, the recently fired Browns head coach who joined Lewis’s staff this week..

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Callahan normally likes to take his time after games, delivering long locker room addresses and carefully studying the final box score before taking the walk to his postgame news conference. But this box score said his team had lost, 37 27, to Philadelphia, and it listed in detail the broken coverages that allowed the Eagles to go 75 yards on 11 plays for the go ahead score and the Dwayne Haskins fumble that led to a 47 yard return as the game ended. And Callahan was in no mood for long locker room talks or deep studies of the stat sheet..

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“Going all the way back to April when we first started talking about this rookie class, I think we have smart, tough football players,” Stefanski said. “I know every club across the league wishes there was a longer runway but I’m excited about this group of rookies based on how they work. It’s a class that really understands how we want to play football.

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For one reason or another, Irsay cancelled further negotiations. Whilst all of this was going on, the New Orleans Saints were also looking to relocate and had Indianapolis in mind. Irsay was still unsure about where he wanted to move his team, but all of a sudden, the state of Maryland chimed in.

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